RED LOTUS CRUISE to see Red Lotus Sea  (Sea of Pinkish red of Water Lillies) Please book in advance. Available from November, 2019 to March 30, 2020

1-1/2 HOUR CRUISE PRICE 1500 baht / 2 PERSONS
90 Minute Red lotus Cruise+ accommodation @ Village Homestay  
Red Lotus sea Cruise, to see Pinkish Red Lotus Sea ( Sea of Water Lillie)  with  Accommodation including drop on & drop off with Private boat.
Free wifi, parking, coffee, snack & drinking water.

Enjoy a 1-1/2 hour cruising along the Nong Han Lake to see the Red Lotus Sea (Pinkish Red Water Lillies ) abundance of its aquatic plants, birds, sunrise.
Meet up English speaker staff in the morning at Village Homestay. Just by 2 minutes drive from the property  to reach the destination "Ban Chiang Pier"

                                                        DETAILED SCHEDULE IS AS BELOW:
                                                                                                 06:00 Depart from Village Homestay
                                                                                                 06:10- 07:40  am
                                                                                                 07:40-08:00 am
                                                                                                 08:20   Return to Village Homestay  

FOR BOOKING  Call  +6697 319 826    
 ID Line villagestay18          
Email:      OR  ONLINE BOOKING @                     
PAYMENT:  PayPal.Mehomestayredlotustours
                      Money  transfer  to Ms. Jiratchya   Udchachon 
                      Saving Account Kasikorn Bank  A/C No. 626 2 04694 8
                                                                                                 Additional Charge for  Pick up and Drop off:
                                                                                                 Udon Thani International Airport-Village Homestay-Udon Thani International airport      1,000  Baht

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